BYB Workplace Training

  • BESPOKE training to your workplace.
  • SPECIFIC to your organisation
  • OBSERVATION of your working practices to shape your training
  • UNDERSTANDING the challenges and pressures you face
  • SUPPORTING change and personal development
  • DEVELOPING a shared culture within the company

There is often a gap between how we think we are coming across, and how we are actually perceived. Using practical, accessible techniques, we enable your participants to make personal behavioural changes, and heighten their awareness of how they affect other people.

Through a process of research and engagement with your management team, Giants will create a unique workshop tailored to the specific needs of your organisation.  We can also work alongside your existing trainers to complement their provision and support its long-term success.

We will construct a set of bespoke scenarios giving particular emphasis to ‘hard to crack’ situations. The scenarios are designed to increase awareness – of oneself, of the environment, and others – and to provide the basic tools for channelling our own internal resources to handle difficult situations better.

These scenarios may involve the participants working directly together or opposite a professional actor. However, this isn’t about role-play or performance.  This is about your team, being themselves, exploring their natural skills with a sense of fun and refreshed motivation.

In the supportive training environment, participants are led to explore their personal resilience, empathy, and follow their professional instincts.

Together we will:

  • Investigate the gap between intention and the actual effect on others.
  • Explore non-verbal communication signals
  • Practice employing a full range of personal skills
  • Suggest ways of altering behaviour to achieve a better outcome.


  • Participants feel empowered and more able to bring their individual talent and skills to work.
  • Participants will recognise the importance of working as a team with a collective goal that they understand and own
  • A stronger collaborative environment will enhance your working practices


The sectors we have worked with include housing, education, health, social services, charities and local government.

For more information and to discuss how we can help your organisation, please email