Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

What we do

Whether at school, college, in a debating forum, Students’ Union, or interview situation, speaking in public can be a terrifying prospect.

Using innovative theatre techniques, we will facilitate participants to develop their individual skills, enabling them to speak in their own authentic voice, with confidence.

In a supportive training environment, participants discover how to be fully present and aware at every moment, and enhance their interpersonal communication.

Together we will

  • Explore the differences between addressing committees, formal meetings, rallies, student meetings, and social events
  • Investigate the most effective style, tone, and register to suit the occasion
  • Identify unhelpful habits and explore ways to tackle them
  • Look at the best ways of constructing and ordering presentation content
  • Participants will have a clearer understanding of their audience
  • They will experience how to be flexible, and adapt their presentation styles to suit different situations
  • They will gain tools to help present their material clearly and concisely
  • They will feel more confident in speaking spontaneously

Overall, Giants will help each participant develop their own speaking style and present with confidence and authority.

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