Communication Skills for School and College Students

What we do

Using exercises and techniques similar to those outlined in our Public Speaking and Presentation training, Giants’ sessions will enable students become more aware of how they affect others as they engage in everyday situations and conversations.

Through exploring situations which echo those they may confront in the wider world, students will experience first-hand how they respond to challenging circumstances.

The sessions are particularly relevant to PSHE classes, and career advice services.

Together we will

  • Experience the impact of our actions, through practical group exercises and realistic bespoke scenarios
  • Engage in meaningful reflection, and experiment with different ways of behaving
  • Explore alternative decision-making processes, and test all outcomes in a safe, supportive learning environment.
  • Participants’ self-confidence will increase
  • Their self-worth will be positively endorsed
  • They will better understand the importance of being informed, and realise the potential they have to own the choices they make
  • They will become aware of the ways they interact with, and impact upon others in their daily lives
  • They will acquire new skills in language and physicality, and be better equipped to participate in positive, inclusive discussion.

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