Synergy, Stance and… Serendipity

We’re about to work with Synergy Theatre Project again – and we can’t wait!

Synergy, founded in 2000 by Esther Baker, works with prisoners, ex-prisoners and young people at risk of offending, using theatre related activities to inspire, empower and – well basically – turn lives around.

A year ago we ventured into Send women’s prison guided by Jess Draper, Synergy’s Head of Learning, and had a blast working on contemporary texts and improvisation with the women inside.

Now, Denise Heard, Synergy’s Learning Engagement Manager, has invited Giants to work with ex-prisoners using Macbeth as a springboard for… who knows what!

And here’s the serendipity… (great word for a great surprise, right?)

At a meet and greet session with the Macbeth participants, Michael Balogun was invited to share his story. Basically he blew us all away with his enthusiasm, dedication and talent. His life was turned around by meeting Esther from Synergy, and now he’s about to graduate from RADA (where I taught for many years) and he’s about to launch into a fun and fulfilling career in the theatre!

But there’s more serendipity!

I’m a bit of an insomniac… so I love a good podcast.

Recently I’ve started to listen to truly inspiring podcasts by Stance. Made and presented by Chrystal Genesis in London and Heta Fell in San Francisco, Stance produces a podcast on the first of every month which offers a diverse perspective on hard-hitting topics.

Epsiode one tackled white racial identity and the rise of the demagogue (check it out!!), episode four shared stories of cults and ‘Trumpism’ and the latest April episode tackled women in prison… and who featured on the fascinating podcast??

Synergy of course!

Check out the Stance podcast… it’s worth it!


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