Robert Sterne Actors’ Workshop


Last weekend, June 24th/25th, Giants ran a joyous full-on workshop with twenty actors working on contemporary scenes, played to the UK’s top casting director, Robert Sterne.

We found great duologues from plays by Simon Stephens, Penelope Skinner, Mike Bartlett and other wonderful writers and put the actors in pairs before the workshop. The participants were guided by actors Geoffrey Streatfeild and Kate O’Flynn, and Giants’ Associate director Tania Azevedo … oh, and me!
The standard throughout was phenomenal. Couples who had not met before worked together beautifully and brought out the best in the texts.Most importantly Robert was genuinely impressed with what he saw.
I’m so proud of everyone involved!

Here is some of the fabulous feedback we received from the actors who took part, and some great photos from the day:

“It was a great weekend for me; a real treat to put aside professional engagements and acting worries and, under the eye of a terrific coach as well as in the presence of fantastic actors, to reconnect with the essence of the work and spruce up the mojo that had gone a little bit dull.” – Pano Masti

“So pleased I took part in the latest Giants Workshop! An excellent weekend in which I had the chance to work alongside so many talented actors and be directed by the incredible Jennie Buckman, Kate O Flynn, Geoffrey Streatfeild & Tania Azevedo. All polished off with the opportunity to perform in front of, gain feedback from and ask questions to top casting director Robert Sterne. A real privilege and would definitely take part again!” – Lauren Poveda
“I was so impressed with the quality of work that we produced at the end of the weekend workshop. The scenes we were given were all rich in emotions, and allowed us to dive straight into some really complex, interesting characters, situations and relationships. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Jennie and Tania, and their valuable feedback and direction gave us lots of things to think about beyond the workshop. Having Robert Sterne, Geoffrey Streatfeild and Kate O’Flynn with us made the experience even more rewarding, and the plenary session at the end was a great opportunity to ask questions – and get answers! – about the world of acting.” – Lydia Imirtziadis

“I’d do the workshop again in a heartbeat. Having worked with Jennie a couple of times before in NYC on her Shakespeare 25 workshops I had very high expectations. I can truly say she utterly surpassed them over the two days. The way Jennie works is liberating and her energy is unrivalled. Wonderful things eventually happened in our scene from working with Jennie and Katie.
The text Jennie picked for each pair, was bang on and I was impressed with her casting. I felt everyone was challenged with the quality of great writing. I found the exercises we did before getting stuck into our scenes really practical and highly specific, definitely ones I’d use again.
By the time we went in to do our final scenes for Robert, Jeremy, Katie and Jennie- The scene felt incredibly clear and focused.”  Lauren Farrell

“Thank you so much Giants Theatre Company: Jennie and Tania and not to mention Robert Sterne, Kate O’Flynn, Geoffrey Streatfeild and for your inspiration, information and direction. Magic! I thoroughly enjoyed your weekend workshop and learnt so many useful tips I will take with me for both scene work and the casting room.” Mirabel Stuart

“The casting of the pieces was excellent, so right from the start we had a strong foundation to work from.  Being introduced to your partner in good time so you could meet before the weekend was invaluable and very well organised. The pieces chosen for the couples were so very different that each one stood out as a memorable scene.  Jennie’s notes were succinct, positively influential and loaded with depth; together with the exercises Jennie chose to work on, the process of getting to know your script, character and relationships within the scene accelerated fantastically well. With the experienced assistance of Tania, Geoffrey and Kate helping to oversee each couples’ private rehearsals, it became clear that all the scenes would seem like they’d been rehearsed for many more hours than the short weekend and I felt supremely confident with my work.  Having a chance to perform in front of celebrated peers and a top casting director with a well-chosen script that was brilliantly cast and well-rehearsed was just too good an opportunity to miss.   An altogether positive and constructive experience that has propelled me into a new found, brightly energised future.”       Sara Dee

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