Creating Our Work


The inspiration to embark on a new play starts with a desire to tackle a burning issue and a hunger to get to know those touched by it. Using correlating myths and old tales as our springboard, we seek out collaborators who traditionally don’t have a voice in mainstream theatre and listen to how this issue affects them. Then using their stories, we weave our play and find the epic in the everyday.

Getting to know people whose voices are rarely heard and who have astounding stories to tell has been a most rewarding journey for Giants. Without our collaborators our plays Pandora, SNAFU/FUBAR, Piece of Silk, Never Going To Beat You and now Lilith would not exist.

Giants are thrilled to announce that the celebrated playwright, poet and performer, SABRINA MAHFOUZ will be writing a brand new play ‘My Big Red Love’ with Giants for Spring 2018. My Big Red Love explores issues around planned parenthood. Sabrina will be working with Pro-choice groups such as Marie Stopes, and Abortion Rights, as well as pro-life groups such as SPUC, Prolife Alliance and the US group, New Wave Feminists.

Sabrina says:

I think we are at a very scary and dangerous point for women’s reproductive rights, not just in America, but in the UK as well. The loudness of the American cases tends to take all the attention and they are certainly in the extreme, but there are quieter, worrying debates taking place here too, with abortion being limited to 12 weeks becoming a popular campaign in particular. Plus, abortion in the UK is not as straightforward as it may seem – two doctors must sign it off on health grounds and this can be increasingly difficult to get on the NHS due to individual doctor’s positions on abortion. There is also a general narrative of irresponsibility around unwanted pregnancy and also ‘bad’ mothering. Link. I want to explore what the obsession with women’s reproductive capabilities really comes down to and what those on all sides think they are fighting for – ultimately how will their dream situation regarding abortion effect them? How will they benefit? What do they get from this fight? I also want to explore where women in their 60s are supposed to fit in to society today, particularly those who spent their lives bringing up children and not pursuing a profession. Menopause, loneliness and loss of purpose can be a cutting combination and still treated as a taboo, like abortion often is.

We say:

Sabrina’s writing is beautiful, heart-breaking, exciting and totally gripping. We are thrilled that she will be writing under Giants umbrella in 2018.