Pandora 2010

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Box? No, no, no: it was a jar, and I had absolutely no idea what was in it. But curiosity was one of my gifts wasn’t it, so it’s Not My Fault. Found out too late it was chock full of all the rubbish they didn’t want in heaven: and that includes Hope you know. If you were given a jar and told never to open it, how long would it take you to unscrew the lid? Just a little peek …

Pandora, based on the Greek myth of ‘Pandora’s Box’, was Giants Theatre Company’s first production. Pandora, the first mortal woman on earth, opens a box (or was it a jar?) given to her by the god Zeus as a wedding present and releases a rush of evils. As death, sickness, strife, famine, hatred and jealousy swarm into the world, Pandora slams the lid shut, trapping hope inside.

Jennie Buckman collaborated with Haringey U3A (University of the Third Age) and Year 9 pupils from Gladesmore School in Tottenham to explore what they considered to be today’s evils. As they shared their stories, Jennie wrote the framework for Pandora. The final play consists of five linked acts looking at the most pressing of these evils and our possible redemption: Prejudice, Fear, Old Age, Death and Hope.

This is diversity in the theatre at it’s very best

– The Guardian

Production Credits

Pandora was performed at the Arcola Theatre from the 18th of May to the 12th of June 2010.

Kay Bridgeman
Jonathan Livingstone
Brian Lonsdale
Sophie Stone
Brigid Zengeni

Writer – Jennie Buckman
Director – Alex Clifton
General Manager – Chris Corner
Lighting Designer – Mark Howland
Sound Designer – Dominic Bilkey
Video Designer – Michael Buckman
Set & Costume Designer – Paul Burrgess
Company Stage Manager – Beth Hoare-Barnes Marke
Assistant Director – Tanya Roberts
Production Manager – Adam Legah

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