The Traveller Movement

Rehearsal Still for Never Going To Beat You

The Traveller Movement (TM) is a leading national charity working to ensure the rights of Gypsy Roma Traveller (GRT) communities. TM acts as a bridge between the GMT communities, service providers and policy makers to help promote forward-looking strategies, increased race equality, civic engagement, inclusion, service provision and community cohesion. It also provides advice, advocacy and training for the GRT communities.

After seeing our collaboration with Southall Black Sisters, TM approached Giants to create a piece that would stimulate debate, increase understanding of domestic and sexual abuse within Gypsy and Traveller communities and empower women. After a series of community led workshop by Giants, Jennie Buckman and women from GRT communities co-wrote Never Going To Beat You, a play based on the women’s own life experiences.

With a cast predominantly formed of Gypsies and Travellers, the play was then staged at The Blue Elephant, London, July 2016.

Production Still of Never Going To Beat You, at The Blue Elephant, 2016

It was an honour to be involved in Never Going To Beat You. It was very moving being the leading lady…and also overwhelming to actually relive a play that was a real life story at one stage in my life…. It’s a sad thing to say but most traveller women, same as other women, go through this fear and mental torture. I hope from this drama play we can make both young and older women more aware how this is affecting so many of us. And maybe they will find courage to break free as I did after 20 year of beatings.

– Tina Purcell