Deptford Wives musical concert

As well as dedicating much of the last ten years of her life to Giants, creating theatrical work that gave voice to unheard communities, our much-missed Jennie Buckman was also working simultaneously on a number of independent projects that explored stories and themes close to her own heart.

One of these stories was that of the female shipwright, Mary Lacy.

In 1773, Mary – a working class girl from Kent facing a lifetime as a domestic servant – ran away from home, disguised herself as a man, and joined the British Navy. She became an apprentice shipwright but when her gender was revealed she was expelled from the Navy, leaving her to find her identity as a woman in a man’s world.

Mary went on to become an architect and builder, building a row of houses now known as Deptford High Street, found time to write her memoirs and was the first woman to be granted a pension from the British Admiralty.

During the last months of her life, Jennie worked with friend and Giants’ Associate, Tania Azevedo, to develop a musical version of her play ‘Deptford Wives’.  The musical explores the passionate love affair between Mary and her soon-to-be ‘wife’,  Elizabeth Slade and how the impossible became possible.

On Saturday 13th July at 12 noon, Tania and Kosky Productions are hosting a one-off concert performance of Deptford Wives the musical at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich. The concert is free to attend, however booking is required. Tickets are available from the Royal Museums Greenwich website.

CLICK HERE to book. 


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