Education – Confidence and Creativity Workshops

Giants prides itself on working effectively with students from Year 9 and above. The types of workshops that we offer for this age group include:

  • PSHE workshops
  • Curriculum led workshops
  • Summer schools/Drama workshops
PSHE Workshops

Similar to the way we work with our older clients, Giants work directly with the schools to explore a variety of issues that affect the students. These can include everyday social interaction, bullying, sexting, sexual health, and any areas about which the school has concerns.

Using a series of exercises and realistic scenarios as stimulus material, students experience the impact of their own actions and interactions as they respond to challenging circumstances. They are guided through meaningful reflection, and encouraged to experiment with different ways of behaving, to explore alternative decision-making processes, and test all outcomes in a safe, supportive learning environment.

How the students and the school benefit:

  • The sessions build pupils’ confidence and positively endorse their self-worth as individuals and as a group
  • Students are empowered to realise the importance of being informed
  • They discover the potential that they have to own the choices that they make for themselves
  • They become more self-aware in the way that they interact with and impact upon others in their daily lives.

Typically, workshops use innovative theatre techniques, exercises and exploration of language and physicality as well as inclusive discussion. Pupils do not need to be highly proficient in drama. The sessions can be delivered to both mixed and single-sex groups and training can be tailored to meet the specific needs of schools and groups.

Curriculum Led Workshops

Giants is able to offer bespoke in-classroom training on specific play texts for both teachers and students. Between us, our trainers have nearly eighty years’ worth of experience working in professional theatre. If you have a text that you would like your school to bring alive to your students, contact us and we will create your own training package around it.

How the students and the school benefit:

  • Obliterate the fear of Shakespeare!
  • Work towards specific exam goals
  • Help raise confidence in dealing with unfamiliar language
  • Help raise literacy levels
Summer schools/Drama workshops

Giants run week-long workshops that can be brought to your school in any holiday, not just the summer! As a former Head of Acting at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA), Giants Artistic Director, Jennie Buckman has developed The Drama School Experience, an opportunity for students to sample life as a drama student.

We’ve found that working on acting in a fun and supportive group benefits each participant, whether or not she or he is considering acting as a career. These benefits include increased self-confidence, improved presentation skills, and renewed creative energy. And of course this has a positive effect in the classroom. As with all the workshops, Giants can create bespoke week/day long workshops geared specifically to the needs of the school.

I began to see people as having their own separate stories, not just being people I didn’t get on with or didn’t know. I felt inspired to be more open and thoughtful about myself and others and to try to be the best I could be 

– 14 year old pupil after attending a series of workshops with Giants Theatre

Jennie inspired a passion from my students that many hadn’t shown in a long time… I can’t recommend highly enough the work Jennie does with students – she inspires!

– Chantelle Sargeant: Year 9 English teacher at Gladesmore Community School

As well as working with the students, Giants offers bespoke workshops for teachers and support staff in schools and colleges. For further information on this type of training please visit our Workplace page.