Auditionee Exposes Too Much Talent!

As Giants’ Audition Clinic for actors and drama school auditionees approaches, our Artistic Director, Jennie Buckman shares a cautionary tale about what NOT to do in the audition room….

A colleague of mine was leading auditions for a well-known drama school. She was a very experienced actor herself and something of a ‘grand-lady of the theatre’.
When we met at coffee break she and her fellow panellists were uncharacteristically giggly. When I asked why, she told me they had just said goodbye to a young man who in the throes of his contemporary piece completely stripped off, and continued his audition piece stark bollock-naked.
Once he had completed his piece, he was invited to come and sit in front of the panel for a short interview. 
He reached for his underpants.
‘No, no,’ said our grand-lady, ‘We are running late, please sit down as you are.’ 
The interview was awkward to say the least! As it ended they stood and shook hands, and he left with his pile of clothes with instructions to dress in the corridor…in front of a row of waiting auditionees! 
‘But what was he like?’ I asked, laughing. ‘Was the piece moving at least?’  
‘I was supremely underwhelmed’, the grand-lady admitted. 
Needless to say, he was NOT offered a place.
Jennie will be running the Actors’ Clinic on Saturday 14th and Saturday 21st October in central London. We have limited early bird places available at £135 (full cost £150) Find out more on our training page or email

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